Why Magnets?

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to travel. To see new places, experience new things and find the beauty in life – whether in people, cultures, buildings, forests, flowers, art, museums, beaches – the list could go on.

About 18 months ago I was in New York City (for the first time). Anyone who has been to NYC or knows of it knows there is so much to see. I wanted to bring home a small item to remember each amazing place, but realized that could quickly get expensive. And so I started to purchase magnets – a small token of each little corner of the world that I have been priviledged enough to visit. And I’m so glad I started. Whenever I walk through my kitchen, open the fridge or glance up from the living room I see a growing collage of bright colours reminding me of all the amazing experiences I have had and shared and the people who have shared them with me.

And so the journey continues. This summer Ray and I are going to be taking a 23 day drive from the Pacific Ocean, to the Atlantic and Back. I look forward to all the beautiful sights and wonderful memories. And to bringing back some magnets to remember them by.

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