4 days, 15 hours, 8 minutes

Probably less, by the time I finish writing this post. As the trip nears, I find myself going back and forth between 3 states of being:

  1. Excited. There are so many places I am excited to see (and photograph!). After our recent “West Wing” marathon I think that DC is very high on my list. I’m excited to see the sunrise from Cape Hatteras and capture the colours of Yellowstone. And that’s the tip of the iceberg.
  2. Afraid. Of being away from home this long. Of being attacked by a bear. Of having our car broken into. Of hating the long drives. If there is anything possible that could go wrong or hinder the bliss I hope for, I’ve thought of it. Yes, I know this is weird, obsessive and unnatural. Which leads me to #3…
  3. Obsessive. I know – a shocker!  I have lists. For packing. To do before I go. To remember to add to one of the other lists. I have half full bins that are labelled and colour coded. I have a completed itinerary binder. I have paper and digital maps and a pre-programmed GPS. Once I leave I won’t care at all but right now it helps keep #2 at bay. Those who know me well are not surprised. Those are don’t are probably laughing. Most of you probably think this approach doesn’t sound vacation like. That’s okay – I love it.

But mostly I am looking forward to 23 days of adventure and relaxation and excitement and wonder and boredom and everything inbetween with the man I love more than I can begin to express. So no matter it what it turns out to be – it will be good.

4 thoughts on “4 days, 15 hours, 8 minutes

    1. Brad – yes, this will definitly help with my 365. can’t ask for a better opportunity to take really unique and exciting pictures. there are days at home where i can’t find the inspiration. this should definitly help me move out of that rut!!


  1. So exciting! I look forward to seeing the USA through your camera lens. thanks for sharing. We’ll miss you!


    1. Amanda – I’m so excited to share the view (through my camera lens)! Going to miss you and the boys though!


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