Racing the clock

I was torn today between one of many road trip dilemmas: pacing.

One part of me has been channeling my father: it’s all about getting there and getting there fast. Our GPS has an arrival time on it. As you drive, it will increase or decrease. If you pull over for gas or get stuck in traffic, arrival time moves backwards. If you get up early and leave at 6:20am (as we did), you can gain ground by taking advantage of empty roads. Also, driving in Montana with it’s 75mph speed limits helps. I drove the first leg of the trip. I passed the slowpokes and worked hard to gain those precious minutes. After 2 hours I had moved my arrival time up by a whole 10 minutes. When I finally pulled over for breakfast, I actually contemplated not eating at all because then I would lose time and then have to go out there and re-pass that motorhome with the kayaks on the back, or the teenagers in the busted up blue Ford. I have inherited this trait from my father. Name of the game – get there and do it quick.

The other side of me spent good portions of the trip resisting the urge to pull over and explore every cute small town we passed by/through. The “fear or missing out” or FOMO, is also very strong. I’ve made a list of places i’d like to explore in the future. So far it includes Ennis, MT and Post Falls, ID. However, we have reminded ourselves that we chose our destinations for a reason and will be able to start exploring them shortly.  This is just one of many adventures.

It’s been 9 hours of driving (and I am writing and reflecting safely in the passenger seat) and we will be in Yellowstone within the hour. Thinking back on or long day of driving this is what I have to share. Idaho was beautiful. Waterfalls and lakes and rivers and mountains and trees. I’m unsure why we haven ventured there before and we will be returning. Montana has been slightly less exciting, so far, though I am reserving full judgment until we’ve spent more time here of course.  What I have loved so far though is lots of rolling grassy fields surrounded by snowcapped mountains and wide open spaces. The dichotomy is fascinating.  However, after 5 hours of it I am ready to move on to Yellowstone and get started with the adventure. Fingers crossed that the campsite and trails remain bear free!

One thought on “Racing the clock

  1. Have fun and here’s hoping no bears in your future. If you do see one DON’T HUG IT! Smokey the Bear is much more intense in person.


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