Ten things about Tuesday

1. Wall drug is kitschy, but also kind of awesome. Sometimes it works like that. I’m glad we went and wandered through America’s most popular roadside attraction. It was much cooler than I thought it would be. Don’t mistake that with many of the other truly amazing things I’ve seen though. Totally different scales. This was in the “unique commercial product, fun themed break from the long drives and nothingness, cooler than I imagined” category. But it doesn’t even compare to #2.

2. The Badlands. I never knew rocks could be so fascinating and beautiful. Complete with mini-hikes through the dessert/rock formations and uber-heat this was truly a wonder. We didn’t know much about it, and almost decided not to do it, but ended up going to see the eastern corner of it. SO glad we did.


3. Minnesota has water towers. I ever town. I think this is awesome and don’t know why we don’t have this in Canada.
4. Minnesota is green! This made is a nice change of pace after 5 hours driving across the dusty/red/sandy South Dakota
5. No matter how hard others tried to convince us, we refused to check out the Corn Palace…
6. …but did stop to take a picture with the 60 foot tall “Green Giant” of frozen/canned vegetable fame

7. The Mississippi is impressive. It really really is. I’m looking forward to taking lots of pictures once we get to St. Louis. My plans for today’s shoot were foiled because…
8. …Minnesota state parks are striking. This meant our reservation was cancelled for the campground on a cliff overlooking the Mississippi with the great vantage point. There wasn’t the same opportunity right off the I-90 – which was disappointing. Also, it led to us getting a hotel in Wisconsin Dells. Yay for a hot shower in the morning and free wifi!
9. We were so excited to tour the minuteman missile silo – except the wait was too long. Good thing we left when we did – as today’s drives (with the few stops) totaled 15 hours.
10. 15 hours of driving is too much for one day. 8 is totally manageable though. Good to know for future road trips.

Chicago tomorrow! Followed by camping on Lake Michigan (hopefully Indiana doesn’t suddenly go on strike.

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