Corn. And more corn. And some more corn. And….you guessed it…more corn.

Ever been to Shenandoah, Iowa? I never intended on visiting. But when the Missouri river floods northwest Missouri and southwest Iowa you get kicked off the I-29 and sent on a 1.5 hour detour through farmland Iowa. Truth is through Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Kansas and Kentucky all we have seen from the car window is Corn (at least fir the vast majority of the time). The truth is out! America is obsessed with corn.

But that can be expanded. Montana, South Dakota and Wisconsin were farming cattle (beef and dairy). Minnesota had it’s share of corn too – and if course is home to the jolly green giant).

Until now I have visited the coastal states – those with lots of tourism: California, New York, Florida, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington. While each does have its share of farming (strawberries, oranges, pineapple, avocados, watermelon, etc), I have never thought of them as farming based states. But driving the route we have I now realize the US is the land of farmers. How did I not know this before?

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