Last night away before home. Today was mostly driving (8 hours plus a stop I’ll talk about in a minute). Tomorrow will be close to 12 to get us back home (hopefully traffic agrees with us!). Now at the 3 week mark, we are ready for our own bed, shower, constant Internet, and cuddles with our kitty.

Our stop today was the Little Bighorn Battlefield in southern Montana – home to Custer’s last stand. It is littered with graves, giant fields, and 2 separate memorials – one in honor of the fallen white man, another in honor of the fallen Indians. There was a distinct difference in feet between how the difference cultured honor their dead. It can be both seen and felt at the sites. The Indian site has a wonderful iron monument that looks like it is forever moving through the fields and sky. Also fresh flowers, and information on the tribes, people, rolls and cultural significance or this battle for their people (quotes etc). The “white” memorial is a large concrete/marble rectangular structure with names on it. However, the surrounding area is rich in museums to preserve the memory of the “great” General Custer. Very different experiences.

Now we are enjoying a “cool” night in Bozeman Montana before the long drive tomorrow! Hoping to get an early start.

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