Welcome to Mauna Lani

We’re coming to the end of our first full day here on the Big Island of Hawaii.  A lot of the morning was spent with routine “getting established” type events – such as getting groceries.  You’d think this was a simple endeavour, but it ended up taking us to 5 locations.

Giant Cinnamon Bun

Sarah and I started by going to Island Java on Ali’i Drive to get a Cinnamon bun for breakfast (for which they are famous).  We shared ONE, as it was the size of a plate.  It was good – but for me it still falls short of fresh cinnamon buns at Pike Place in Seattle.

We then wandered over to the Kona Farmer’s Market to collect fresh fruit and veggies.  Now even at a Farmer’s Market it seems that EVERYTHING is more expensive in Hawaii.  It makes sense, as they have limited resources and have to ship everything in, but it still came as a bit of a culture shock.  Farmer’s market consisted of buying many of Hawaii’s best produce, such as (of course) pineapple, papaya, mangos and bananas as well as a few new items such as the Kona dragon fruit and rambutan.  These were fairly priced, but onions and potatoes were slightly outrageous!  Regardless of cost, there is nothing more fabulous then fresh local food from a market.

Kona Farmers Market & the Mystery Vegetable

We then went to Long’s drugs to buy some more Advil Cold & Sinus….except they wouldn’t sell it to me without a passport!  Apparently it’s federal law or something – they were worried about me buying it to make meth in my bathtub.  A) This is frustrating, as I am still really sick and was taking it on order from my Doctor B)  If I was going to be making meth in the bathtub, I’d have bought it in CANADA where it’s not regulated.  Needless to say, I didn’t get any Advil, which is leaving me feeling mediocre health wise.

We then went for the big Costco trip (gotta stock up on all the essentials) followed by Walmart for the things we couldn’t get at Costco followed by Sock and Save for the fresh fish we couldn’t find anywhere else.  This leads to the point where Ray is currently cooking fresh Mahi Mahi for dinner, and I just got back from a glorious walk under the stars with Amelia.  The STARS here are INCREDIBLE!!!  Without all the excess lighting from the cities, it’s like i’m seeing the night sky like it is almost impossible to see from home.

This afternoon we did venture out to see our first sight – Puako Petroglyph Historical Site.  We went and took some pictures of the glyphs, only to come home and find out that there are actually 3000 there….and we only saw the fake ones by the entrance.  We didn’t know that the way to the REAL glyphs was through the creepy looking forest trail.  Good thing it’s only 2 miles down the road.  We can try again tomorrow.

Also got my first look at the OCEAN (close up that is) at Holoholokai Beach.  I love the smell of the ocean and the feel of fresh wind on my face.  The beach was made up up black lava rock mixed with white coral.  It had a beautiful salt and peppery feel.

So it’s almost 9 (Hawaii time) and once again, I’m exhausted and ready for bed – and since I’m on vacation, I’m going to avoid all sense of responsibility, and actually just GO TO BED.  Until tomorrow!

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