Anaeho’omalu Bay x 4

Today was another “little” day.  Tomorrow we are leaving the west side of the island (Kona) to spend a week on the east side of the island (Hilo).  So our goal was to keep it local and not over do it.

Ray and I started our morning over at Anaeho’omalu Bay – about 5 minutes down the road from our current location.  Ray snorkelled, I read my book, and then I slept for about an hour in the sun.  It was a wonderful way to start the day.

After coming home for lunch, we went back down to Puako Petroglyphs – this time to wander through the “wicked” looking woods (seriously – it’s  hansel and gretel meet Hawaiian woods type scenario) 0.7 miles down to the ACTUAL petroglyphs (not the fake ones made to mark the trailhead).  It seems nothing on the big island is designed to be tourist friendly.  They lack a lot of signage, directions, posted advertisements and the things that make it easy for those visiting to navigate without maps and gps.  Of course, I’m sure that is part of the charm.  Nothing is overcrowded, and it seems it is easy to enjoy each place without tripping over other tourists.  Anyway, I digress….we went to see the petroglyphs.  While it is assumed they tell a story of some sort from Hawaiian natives past, no one truly knows what they are or what they mean (though the turtle, or “honu” symbol is pretty obvious and easy to identify.  While hiking through the woods, I got stung by a bee.  It’s worth mentioning because it doesn’t matter how old you get, being stung by a bee still SUCKS. We came back from the hike and followed it with a dip in the complex pool.  It’s been a warm and muggy day, and a cool swim was just what we all needed (except Amelia – no babies allowed in the pool…we’ll save that for the next house!)

At 3:00 I made my second trip to Anaeho’omalu Bay (in the Waikaloa resort area) to drop Chris off for his tour.  He went on a 7 hour tour to to SUMMIT of Mauna Kea (13 700+ feet).  I’d tell you more about it, but he isn’t home yet.  On the way back I stopped for groceries, and FINALLY (after searching all summer on our road trip) found Ray some Americone Dream (Colbert’s IceCream).

Mauna Lani

After dinner we rushed out of the house, and BACK to Anaeho’omalu Bay.  From everything I read, it is one of the best places to view the sunset.  So we got there just in time for me to shoot off the equivalent of 3 rolls of sunsets (boy am I thankful for digital!)  It was absolutely lovely.

In a couple hours I will head back to Anaeho’omalu Bay, for the FOURTH time today, to pick Chris up from his tour (why me you ask?  a) because the van is rented in my name, and not every member of the group can drive it and b) because i’m the only member of the group who doesn’t enjoy the taste of an alcoholic beverage)  So my small day has been local, and busy.  Our trip to Hilo tomorrow will be a busy one, complete with stopover in Waipio Valley, Hilo Farmer’s Market (200+ stalls) the fish market, grocery store and Macadamia nut factory before we are allowed to check in at 3:00pm.  Then maybe another nap (I think this daily napping thing MAY be one of the highlights of my trip…seems that I have been slightly overtired….)  Fingers crossed for a smooth transition to life on the east coast!

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