Downtown Hilo & the Farmer’s Market

On Wednesday (I know…I’m behind) we all got up and went into Hilo for most of the day.  We got in to town and split up with Chris and Sarah – they wandered trough the Park and in to town, me and Ray started and Hilo Hattie and then hit the farmer’s market (which we LOVE LOVE LOVE) and an amazing bookstore.

Started my day with an attempt at a sunrise shot – I woke up after the sun had already started to rise (missing the GOOD colour) and had to settle for a quick shot from the lanai outside my bedroom.

sunriseOn our way into Hilo, we all stopped at the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Factory for the self-guided tour…and to buy some chocolate covered nuts and other goodies. The tour itself was rather lacklustre.  You just walk outside the factory and look through windows at what they are doing.  There are a few TVs to which you can press “play” and learn a few things – but most of them were out of operation when we were there.  I wouldn’t go out of your way – everything they sell can be purchased at Hilo Hattie for the same price.


Hilo Farmer’s Market has about 200 stalls in total (on it’s fullest days) – one side of the street is only fresh produce and food stuffs, and the other side is crafts, jewellery, flowers, paintings and souvenirs for the tourists. I think markets are one of my favourite places to shop…ever.  I love the uniqueness of the items found, the quality of the produce, and experience of the people and simplicity of the process.  Also, I love the COLOURS.  The market was under a dark tent – otherwise I would have taken a lot more photos.  But I was too busy buying the fruits and veggies (we had a long list) to take as many pictures as I would have liked.

Ray bought an ice cold young coconut from the market.  The vendor hacks it open with a machete and then gives you a straw.  Coconut’s are not actually filled with coconut milk (myth) but coconut WATER – which is nature’s gatorade.  Coconut water is known to balance your electrolytes (high potassium and mineral content).  It is super hydrating and super rich in nutrients.  Apparently in certain countries, it has been known (in medical emergencies) to replace saline.  Ray found it very refreshing.  I already miss it there and cannot wait to return.

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