A Lazy Day

Now that we’ve been here almost 2 weeks, I have finally managed to get lazy day!

Thursday Ray and Chris went up to Volcanoes National Park to hike into one of the craters (in the crazy freezing blowing sideways rain for hours on end).  Me and Sarah and Amelia were here, in the sun, enjoying some R&R.  The day consisted of me getting up early to try and shoot the sunrise (turned out ok…), going back to bed, getting up, staring at Pinterest, zoning out on the couch, taking Amelia in the pool, and then hot tub (which wasn’t working probably and therefore not really “hot” but nicely warm, and perfect for a baby), getting dry just in time for Ray & Chris to come home and go back into the hot tub with Amelia.  I watched the tide come in (and zoned out into the beautiful and rhythmic nature of crashing waves – one of my favourite things ever – hence all the pictures) and spotted 4 Gold Dust Day Geckos (so pretty).  After dinner me and Chris went back up to the Volcano to take some pictures of the lava glow (next post).  Overall, an excellent lazy day.

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