Photos from NYC, June 2012 (late…i know)

I know it’s REALLY REALLY behind schedule. Like 6 months. But I still wanted to add my photos from NYC to the blog. I have blogged about it on my education blog (here and here), but that doesn’t have the same audience as here, and I wanted to add in the photos. Taking 5 teens to NYC was/is EXHAUSTING.  They don’t sleep.  They spend an extraordinary amount of time on their hair and their clothes.  They need to skype/facebook/text with everyone of their friends about everything that happens every minute of the day.  They have unlimited supplies of energy.  They love to shop.  And being away from their families at 16/17 in a big overstimulating city like NYC creates a situation of enthusiasm and overdrive that I was unmatched for.  This of course leads me being tired, which is okay.  But by day 3 there wasn’t much energy left for blogging.

I have to say though that my students were awesome.  They were respectful and well behaved.  Their ownly “fault” was that they wanted to take in, see and experience EVERYTHING.  And who could blame them.

But what I’d really like to do is take a moment for a little ode-to-Luke.  If you know Luke, then you know how AMAZING he is. And if you don’t, you should wish you did because he is AMAZING.  Luke took time off of work, and time away from his incredibly wife (thank you Karen for sharing!) to come chaperone this trip with me.  I was in need of a male chaperone to have my trip approved, and planning this trip admidst strike and job action, new houses and new babies, made it hard for me to find a colleague to help.  Luke was the epitome of calm.  He was an excellent balance to my usual ball of nerves.  The kids thought he was awesome, and, in lieu of taking Ray, I personally couldn’t have imagined a better person to have been there to share the experience.  Food, architecture, history, art, broadway and the great high line park were just a few of the shared experiences and memories.  So to Luke the BIGGEST of thanks for making this trip a memorable one.  [Also, if you didn’t already know, this is the same AMAZING Luke who designed this awesome blog!  and keeps changing it! If you’ve been with me long enough you’ve seen the road trip with the trees, Hawaii with the boat and now the NYC skyline with taxi!]

So enough of my ramblings – to the pictures!

Columbia University

View of NYC from the Empire State Building

View downtown from top of the Empire State Building View of Times Square from Empire State Building

Cabs in SOHO

Catching a Cab in SOHO

MOMA (complete with Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night!)

Van Gogh's Starry Night, Up Close MOMA Art MOMA Art

Street Art

SOHO Street Art

High Line Park

High Line Park

Me Walking through High Line Park

Chelsea Street Market

Chelsea Street Market Chelsea Street Market

Park near the United Nations

Feed the Birds

About to see Newsies (with Luke) and Post Newsies meeting Alex Wong

Me and Luke across from the Nederlander Theatre (Newsies) Meeting Alex Wong (post-Newsies)

Union Square Green Market

Peas at the Union Square Greenmarket Union Square Greenmarket

Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building

About to see Once (my favourite musical thus far!  even edges out Wicked)

About to see ONCE! (best musical by far!)

Lunch at Craft Bar (my chicken dish, Luke’s pasta and the dessert that was so good I forgot to photograph it until it was almost gone!)

My Lunch at Craftbar.  AMAZING! Luke's Lunch at Craftbar Dessert from Craftbar.  So good I forgot to photograph

View of the City from the Brooklyn Bridge

Traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge

Museum of Natural History, Organized by Taxonomy (Bio Geek Emerging)

Museum of Natural History, Organized by Taxonomy

Turkana Boy (AMNH)

Turkana Boy

Fountain at Lincoln Centre

Lincoln Centre Fountain Lincoln Centre Fountain

Revisiting High Line Park – View of street Mural in Chelsea

Street Art, viewed from High Line Park

Greek Statues at the MET

Greek Marble Works at the MET Greek Statues from the MET

Local artist drawing the Degas (he was REALLY good)

Artist and Degas at the MET

Monet’s Sunflowers (at the MET).  Is it just me, or do they look sad?Monet's Sunflowers.  Is it just me, or do they look sad?


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