Burghotel Rothenburg

Up until now I haven’t done any posts any an specific hotels or restaurants, though there have been many that we have enjoyed and loved.  But no hotel have we loved as much as this one – on this trip, or maybe any trip for that matter.

The Burghotel is OLD and built into the town wall.  It has a view from the one side over the Tauber Valley (with vineyards and the winding Tauber river and a wonderful view of the sunset).  On north and south side you can see over the town (especially from our first room) and from the east side we have a view over a garden from the Abbey that use to be here (though it’s still winter here, so it isn’t yet in bloom).  We are a 3 minute walk (or less) from St. Jacob’s Kirche and less than 5 minutes from the town square and town hall.  The entire town, at any point, is at farthest 15 minutes from us.  Being on the edge of town is perfect – it is so quiet and serene here, and yet close to everything.  The views are wonderful, the rooms are immaculate and the furniture, walls and stones are all historical in and of themselves.  Tonight I am writing my blog from a chair built in 1628, and the room at the front of the house is over 1000 years old.

We reserved the room online, with prompt response from the owner, back in October.  We request room 30 based on pictures from the website, and were not disappointed.  Room 30 is on top floor of the building (up 4 flights of stairs at 18 a piece!), and the last flight of stairs goes exclusively to our room.  The room has the bedroom, desk and chair on the north end, then the door and hallway in the middle, and the wardrobe and huge bathroom on the south. There is windows that fully open on the north and south ends, plus one in the middle facing west, allowing me to photograph the sunset the first night and have a beautiful look out into the valley. (Views from the room and room 30 shown below)

The minute we arrived we loved the look of the town and hotel so much we wanted to stay another night instead of going to Heidelberg for the last day.  So Ray went downstairs to see if we could get an extra night.  The room we were in was booked, but they had an open room (14) on the 3rd floor (overlooking the Abbey garden) which we happily took – thus extending out time here in Rothenburg (SO glad we decided to do this). I know the beds and rooms look a little dishevelled in the photos – that’s my fault.  I kept taking naps, and then photographs AFTER the nap…with my camera gear and iPad lying about.

The hotel is more like a B&B, with 12-15 rooms and an amazing breakfast included (traditional german style, bread, jam, cereal, coldcuts and cheese, yogurt, coffee, tea, fresh orange juice + eggs to order and heart shaped waffles that are scrumptious).  The früstrück room overlooks the valley and is the most beautiful place to start the day (see photo).  The hallways feel old and regal and the lobby is inviting.  Even at night the front of the building is so charming.

And the owners – they are 2 of the nicest most welcoming people we have met.  We were always greeted by name each time we entered and left with big smiles.  They truly represent hospitality and made out experience.  All the staff we met in fact were wonderful.  Always good mornings and smiles as we past in the hallway or met over breakfast.  I couldn’t have asked for more.

We found a great deal on their website for being here in off season, otherwise we could not have afforded it (or probably wouldn’t have given it a chance, being that we did have a budget for the trip) and I’m so grateful that this deal allowed us to stumble upon this amazing place.  When we return I’m pretty confident I’d have no problem shelling out the extra euros.  The experience was worth it.

Because the room (and view) were so unbelievable, I shot a video tour.  So if you are in the area, and you can afford it (or can afford to stretch it), stay here.

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