Super Sleepy in Charming Cochem

I dislike flying.  For a myraid of reasons that I not going to go into here, just know that i dislike it.  And the longer the flight, the greater the dread.  This is obviously a problem because I LOVE to travel.  Yup.  Life works exactly like that.

So I was grateful for a direct flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt – the shortest way to get back into Europe.  We loaded the super big plane along side families and scout groups, and was grateful I spent my extra nickels and dimes to reserve a PAIR of seats instead of a threesome.  Just sitting down with Ray and no stranger immediately lessoned the negative plane experience.  We were the first “pair” of 2 behind the groups of 3, so there was no carts bumping my elbows or passengers pushing past to use the bathroom.  It was as close as I have had to flying first class.  So good call me (insert self-pat-on-the-back).

But of course, as things go, there was a wind.  So the 9 hour flight became a 10 hour flight.  And then there was the 1 hour of sitting on the tarmac because of the extra cargo.  So make that 11 hours.  ELEVEN HOURS!  But I did it.  Awake for 11 straight hours.  How, do you ask?  I’m not going to lie – there were some meds, some tricks involving my toes and eyebrows that I’m not going to explain AND 11 consecutive hours of playing “ticket-to-ride” on my iPad.  I haven’t played in a year or so, but there is now an achievements mode and this was enough to keep my brain focused and engaged, which allowed me to make the 11 hour trek across the pond.  So I definitely got my $5 worth – thank you days of wonder!

Then of course their was the expected customs and baggage situation.  Not a big deal except for a small bit of added stress……..we landed 1 hour late.  And we had a train to catch.  SO had it not been for the customs guard that asked us nothing (stamped those passports and waived us through) and the fact our luggage came off the plane first, allowing us to catch the shuttle to the train station that was JUST closing its doors, we would not have made it.  Instead we arrived JUST in time to grab a nutella filled croissant and hop on the ICE to Koblenz, which would eventually take us to our destination – Cochem!  We’re spending three nights here in this sleepy town on the Mosel River.  It’s the perfect (and mellow) way to start our trip.  But in case you are wondering “Why Cochem?” (I’d guess many have not heard of this town or river valley) – the picture at the bottom shows pretty clearly what a LOVELY place this is.  We’re looking forward to spending the next could days exploring.

And now SLEEP.


2 thoughts on “Super Sleepy in Charming Cochem

    1. Yes! We chose Cochem because it is central and accessible for tons to different day cruises up and down the Mosel (which we will do in the next 2 days). There are so many cruisers, motorboats, kayaks, barges etc. and then the hills are covered in wine fields! I look forward to exploring it more.


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