At home in Ede

Our time in Ede was precious to us – in a way that is more personal than “tourist” centric.  So I’ll mostly share pictures of our time and limit the wordiness.

Noa uses the fietspump while Ray supervises

Ede1Lubica takes us to the Barneveld Market.  Noa takes a ride on a horse, Ray enjoys some Kibbeling, I enjoy a white chocolate Magnum and enjoy photographing classic Dutch ensembles, klompen making and other awesomeness.  The place was too busy to see (or buy) anything really, but still wondering to observe and experience.  Notice Ray in the backseat with Noa, proudly displaying his Dora the Explorer seatbelt cover!


ede3 ede4After the market we went for Pannekoeken and Poffetjes – my FAVOURITE!!!

ede5Had dinner at the chicken place with Frank, Lubica & Noa.  There was an annoying wasp that was after my Cola – so we caught him and let him enjoy it…fully.

Ede6And of course in between Ray could be seen by screenlight reading his book.  We biked to Ede Centrum one day to wander the shops and go for food, and they had this cool fountain that released steam and looked like a science experiment.  Ray also learned to love coffee, thanks to Frank, as well as IRISH coffee, as seen below.

ede8And regardless of language barriers, Ray and Bart were able to have a great time wish some made up game of pass that involved 2 balls and a trampoline.  Not sure what the rules were, but in the end, ray was exhausted!


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