Capture the Colour

There is nothing I love more than travel and photography, and so when I came across the Capture the Colour photo contest it seemed like a great opportunity to reflect on my recent travels and evaluate my photography.  This is less about winning, and more about the opportunity to share some of my photos.  After seeing last years entrants (and some of this years already), I can say that there are many outstanding travel photographers, and even more beautiful places in the world.


Taken inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, this is the closest I’ve been to Greece thus far.  There is something about the smoothness of the marble and the details of the hands that draws me in.  It is as if they are young and gentle, but calmed, reassured and wise.  Amazing how one hand can portray so much.



While a palm tree isn’t exactly a rare site on the big island of Hawaii, these trees appeared exceptional to me – as if I was seeing  palm tree for the first time.  The subtle hint of yellow against the dark grey skies and storms rolling in behind it gave it a warm and refreshing glow (if it is possible for a palm tree to have such a warmth and glow).

Pu'uhonua o Honaunau


While heading up to the St. Louis Arch, I came across this family, standing at the top of the steps, looking slightly lost (and some may say, out of place).  All dressed in blue, my eye was immediately drawn to them.

AAA_5061 (1)


Building number 25, shown below, is one of the buildings that remains in Auschwitz.  This building was used for experimentation on women and children during World War II.  Not one of us can fully understand the atrocities committed behind that door, but standing in front of it was enough to induce nausea, chills and tears.  Just looking at this photo brings me back to that place.  Most powerful place I have ever been.  Rich in grief, and sorrow.



In so many ways I felt like posting a picture of the Eiffel Tower was a travel cliche.  Being one of the most visited monuments in the world, photos of the Eiffel Tower are a dime a dozen.  However, it doesn’t make me love this one any list.  The stark contrast of the yellow tower against the blue sky, gives is a dramatic effect that I could not have developed was it not for the clouds above.  And the lights were turned on at just the right hour for this beauty to exist.


So there you go – my 5 photo entries for the Capture the Colour Photo Contest.

The contest requires us to nominate 5 of my fellow bloggers to take part.  There are so many amazing travel photographers who’s work I’ve enjoyed, so here are a few:

Luke’s Visual Stuttering, Electric Chaos, Ordinary Traveler, Canvas of Light and Pixelated Image.

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