Two Stars and a Wish

Looking back on our trip, it’s time to think about our highlights (our “stars”), and also our remaining desires (“wishes”).  We (my students and myself) all had different things that we loved, and different outstanding desires – most of which are in the category, “if we only had more time…..”  Here are mine:


1.  Touring the Spirit Collection at the Museum of Natural History
2.  Seeing Once with Arthur Darvill, and then meeting Arthur Darvill
3.  Late night walk along the South Bank
4.  All conversations and jokes with students – including turfing, pleasant geese, cloudballs, dough balls, yew nork, games of telephone, “Three little birds”, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and more.

Wish:  I wish we had more time in Cambridge.  Our guide David was so great and I wanted to learn more! I also wanted to go punting, walk across the bridge of sighs and take a million more photos (and bring my full camera battery – not just leave it at home).

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