Waters of Yellowstone

So I mentioned in my last post about the geothermal features of Yellowstone – Fumaroles (steam vents), Mudpots (acidic water + mud), Hot Springs (boiling water) and Geysers (boiling water shooting into the air because of pressure build up). Notice the one thing they all have in common?  WATER!

On top of boiling hot magma-heated water, there is also freezing cold glacial water that feed into Yellowstones various rivers (Yellowstone, Lamar, Gardner, Firehole, to name a few).  There are also plenty of water falls, streams, packs of ice and of course Lake Yellowstone itself.  And of course we can’t forget the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone – carved by water.  The grand canyon is home to the Lower Falls I saw when hiking Uncle Tom’s Trail (see here).  So I wanted to include a few pictures of the beautiful water features of Yellowstone I have not yet shared with you.

Yellowstone River

yellowstone River

Lamar River

lamar river

Tower Falls

tower falls

Kepler Cascades

kepler cascades

Upper Falls (Grand Canyon of Yellowstone)

upper brink falls

Inspiration Point (Grand Canyon of Yellowstone)

inspiration point

Inspiration Point (Lower Falls in Background, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone)

artists point

Calcite Springs

calcite springs

Continental Divide (All water west of this sign makes its way back to the Pacific Ocean, while all water east of this sign makes its way back to the Atlantic Ocean)

continental divide

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