Kinderdijk (enough said)

Kinderdijk, or the Children’s Dyke, is a series of 19 windmills working together to manage water levels in some farms in Holland.  The country of Holland is below sea level in a great number of places (about 35% of the country, give or take), and so they have been learning to manage the water levels for over 800 years.  Kinderdijk is a UNESCO world heritage site, showing what life as a miller  was like – learning to manage wind and water for the sake of protecting people and farms.

The thing about Kinderdijk is that it is beautiful.  Water and tall grass with beautifully maintained windmills scattered purposeless over the horizon.  Not wind nor rain could stop us from touring.  We started with a great little video explaining why and how the Kinderdijk windmills work.  We then walked up to Museummill Nederlander, for a tour of the cramps quarters (and questionable stairs) inside.  We then took photos.  In wooden shoes.  In groups. In pairs.  Alone.  In front of windmills.  Beside windmills.  Next to Windmills.  With 1 mill or 2.  With 5 or 8.  With water.  Without water.  While standing, smiling, mean mugging, jumping, dancing or doing “the Marco.”  So while there is more to tell you about our day adventuring through South Holland, for now I just wanted to leave you with images off Kinderdijk, from the Sulli perspective.






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